Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cherry Blossom socks and Corset Vest

cherry blossom socksI have two projects to share today. I'll start with the oldest. Way back in 2008 I dyed some sock yarn with some friends of mine. I had a couple of failed attempts at finding a stitch pattern that would work well with the colors. I finally found something that worked. I finished the socks quite a while ago. I forgot that the base yarn wasn't machine washable and ended up shrinking the socks. They fit A now so she got a new pair of handmade socks.

The stitch pattern is a combination of 1x1 rib and moss stitch. I included some travelling stitch "clocks" down the sides of the legs. From now on I'm sticking with washable sock yarn. I find that I don't handwash all that often so these socks spend more time dirty than clean.

The second project has been in the planning stages for a long time. I've had several versions of the drawing in my notebook for over a year. Once I finally got the yarn and started knitting it went very quickly. I made a strapless vest for A. I forget whether this was something she asked for or I came up with on my own. Either way, I like it, it was fun to knit and A seems to enjoy wearing it. That makes it a success in my book!

A's corset vest front viewA's corset vest front view
A's corset vest side viewA's corset vest back view

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