Monday, March 01, 2010

K's Mittens

K needed new mittens. Her old ones are WAY too small. Her favorite colors are orange pink and purple (at the moment!) I had malabrigo sock yarn in colors terra cotta and eggplant. Here are her mittens. They are a tad big for her but she'll be able to wear them again next year. I never did get to block them. She seemed reluctant to wear them (I still don't know what the problem was) but when we got a big snow storm she wore them out to play. When she came inside all the wet outer wear went into the dryer. The mittens came out of the dryer soft and comfortable. She likes them now.

Her name is knitted into the wrist. Her first name is on the back and her middle name is on the palm side. Hopefully this will make it a little harder for her to lose them at school!

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