Sunday, February 27, 2005

Swatch Watch

No, not the 80's timepiece. I've been busy with my Cabin Fever Swing Coat (see previous entry) but I've been cheating on that project a little by swatching for my next project. I'm not even close to being done on the Swing Coat but I need a little knitting variety to spice up my life. I picked up five different yarns to swatch for Cabin Fever's Braids cardigan. When I have all the swatches knit I'll post pictures of them. I'm really having a lot of fun with these swatches. Each one is almost a little mini project. Of course I'm excited to see how each yarn shows the pattern stitch differently. The yarns I have are pictured below:

Yarns I'm swatching for the Braids cardigan:
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They are:
Top left: Butterfly super 10

Top right: Cascade 220 - I finished knitting and steaming this swatch. I love the color of the yarn on the ball but not so much in the swatch. It's a little dull for this project but I'm definitely going to use if for something for DH (dear husband.)

Bottom row (all three balls) Berroco Soft Twist - I finished knitting the red and copper swatches. The blue is on the needles now. I love the red but the copper is way out in the lead as my favorite yarn for this sweater so far. The yarn is a little tricky to work with as it splits and snags very easily but the copper color and sheen are making me think it's worth the extra effort to work with it.

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