Tuesday, April 19, 2005

WIP = Wrap In Progress

Well, I've been having fun knitting my beaded wrap. It's slow going thought. Gromit told me to expect this. Actually, Gromit gave me lots of great advice. Thanks Gromit!!!

I tried to get a good picture of my wrap-in-progress but I have to settle for two not so good shots. The first one is a washed out shot that shows the stitch pattern in semi-decent detail. The second shot shows the beads a little better (if you click on the picture to view a larger image. I'm knitting beads along the edges and within the little squares formed at the interesections of the lace "latices". The yarn is so soft and the beads give it a little weight and swing. I don't know where I will ever wear this but it's good knitting!

Please note that the lace chart that I posted a couple of days ago had two errors in it. I've corrected them and republished the post so the chart is now correct.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This looks beautiful. So beautiful that you CAN'T not wear it.............!
It'll come in handy for a wedding or a night out at dinner some day. (Or a good reason to ask your honey to go out on a "date-night".