Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Red Tent

Have you ever read that book, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant? I highly recommend it. It's a great story. I like the idea of the red tent as a symbol of women's relationships with each other, women guiding, supporting, assisting and validating each other. While inside the "red tent" women are relieved of their mundane duties and are free to share ideas, problems, solutions, dreams, wisdom, compassion and sorrow. In the book the women of Jacob's tribe entered the red tent for one week each month (can you guess what they're doing that week that causes the men to banish them to the red tent?) I enter my red tent every Thursday evening, not to pass my "womanly" time. I join 11 other women from my neighborhood (or as many of us as can attend that week) and spend three glorious hours sharing food, wine, needlework and great company. We share our troubles and sorrows, joys and accomplishments. We celebrate each other and compare notes on our roles as wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, godmothers, grandmothers and friends. This really is group therapy for me.

***** Do you have a red tent? *****

Last week we were a relatively small group. Here are some of our members...

Donna's taken to hooking

Yes, we take every opportunity to joke about Donna being a "hooker"... a RUG hooker that is! Although she is currently working on a hooked piece she was first an expert counted thread stitcher (including but not limited to cross stitching) and a knitter! I tend to push cajole force insist encourage our members to knit and Donna was my first victim knitting student in our group. She's now a very accomplished knitter and has completed many projects including scarves, totes and a shawl. She WILL be knitting a sweater this year. Right, Donna?

MJ and Viv knitting

MJ is a regular member and coordinator of our group. Here she is pictured with her knitting and her guest friend Viv. MJ needed no lessons. She is an extodinary knitter. She can knit anything and I am constantly amazed at what a prolific knitter she is. She is a champion felter and a whiz with counted thread embroidery.

Linda and Joann crochetting

Linda and Joann are both currently working on afghans. These pictures were taken at Linda's house because she was hosting this week. Our group is filled with multi-talented women. Linda crochets, quilts, knits, cross stitches and is one of the most organized and pro-active people I know. ...........
Okay, I'm back. Sorry about that. I had to fight off the green eyed monster. I'm neither organized nor pro-active. I'll leave it at that.

Joann crochets, knits and makes amazing baskets. We had an ornament exchange last year at Christmas time and Joann made the most beautiful 3-D woven reed stars. That star will always grace the top of my stitchers' tree.

Debbie knitting

Debbie is the newest member of our group. I think she is also our newest knitter. That hasn't stopped her from knitting umpteen scarves. In this picture she's working on what I think is her third or fourth felted tote bag. She is a fearless knitter! I just wish she could sell me about half of her energy!

So that's (part of) our group. I'll introduce you to other members as I am able to catch them in action.

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