Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sweet as Honey

About a week and a half ago I received the yarn I ordered from Knitpicks for K's sweater. Here it is.
The yarn is Shine and the colors are Violet (purple), Orchid (pink), Grass (green) and Butter (yellow). I also purchased some more Alpaca Cloud (I had to get my order up to $30 for free shipping, right?) I love the silky feel of the Alpaca lace weight. I'm going to use the Moss and River colors for scarves. The Iris color is going to be a surprise. So check back within a week or so to find out my intentions for those two skeins!

I'm happy with my progress on K's sweater. Here's a picture of the back which is on my needle now. I finished both cardigan fronts but I'm going to have to rip and reshape the neck. When I planned the shaping I neglected to allow room for the neck band. How silly is that? I'll put the heart flowers and stems on with duplicate stitch. I knit the first front with the flowers and immediately ripped it out (without even pausing for pictures.) It looked terrible. I have never been able to knit intarsia so that it doesn't end up looking all bumpy and sloppy. I like duplicate stitch much better.

All in all, I'm happy with the Shine yarn. It's very soft. K will have no trouble wearing this next to her sensative skin! However, I get annoyed every time I encounter one of these. There has been one of these in every ball of Shine that I've used so far! I'll still buy the yarn because it is so well priced.

K and I were playing outside for a little while this morning. She like to play a game she calls "House". Anyone around must assume an identity. Usually these identities are assigned by K. This morning she gets into her little plastic car and says, "I'll be the Mommy, you be the honey. Bye honey!" and rolls off to "work". I like being the honey.


Anonymous said...

The sweater is looking gorgeous, love the colors! Tell us more about the Shine. I find people (myself included) get fixated on the softness, and that's not always the best indication of how well the yarn knits up and wears. I hate the little imperfections in spinning, too, but how does the yarn seem otherwise? Would you say it's the same quality as some of the more pricey cotton/tencel blends?

Anonymous said...

Oh the sweater is looking BEAUTIFUL!! what pattern are you using? I'd like to see a photo of what the sweater will look like :-) Also, I just got a shipment of the Shine in also - haven't used it yet, wondering how you're liking it so far?

Great blog!

BeanMama said...

Gorgeous sweater! I have the same questions as Grumperina about Shine. I've never used it.

Also, I've added the Lattice Leaf Wrap to the Ravelry database and wanted to ask your permission to use one of the photographs you have here so that people can see what it looks like.

BeanMama said...

Oops, make that LACE wrap! LOL.