Saturday, June 25, 2005


I've had writer's block. I've been having a lot of trouble coming up with something to write. I finally decided to grab my camera and take pictures and see if the images will inspire me with something to say. Here are the pictures. I will explain each of them in subsequent posts.

choices for sockapal2za

Knitpicks Merino Style
Lace weight Merino Lambswool

Let's start with this one. These are crickets. They are in a plastic bug house. They are serenading me with their chirping as I write this. When they first came into my house this morning I immediately took a liking to their courting sounds. That was about 6 hours ago. I'm so over them. The only reason I don't tip them out in the back yard is because of this little fellow.

It might be hard to see him. He's hiding behind a reflection. My kids brought him home. We are currently planning on keeping him until we are ready to go away on vacation. Before we leave we'll send him back to his home. In the meantime, I'm hoping he'll make short work of those noisy insects! We also have some of these in case he gets really hungry.

I finished knitting the sleeves for K's heart flower sweater. The sleeve cap is too big. This morning I blocked the sweater back. I'll block the fronts so I can take some measurements and refigure the sleeve cap. I really want to get on with this sweater. I need to get busy with my summer knitting! I received the fall issues of both FCEK and IK. I'm planning on knitting a Braids cardigan for myself this fall so I need to make sure that summer knitting is finished by the end of August.

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