Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lotsa WIPs

When I woke up this morning I had four "active" knitting projects. That's not the way I usually knit. I usually have one active project. Okay, I might have a project of opportunity (like a sock) in my purse to knit when I'm waiting for one or another of the kids. Usually I'm a one project kind of girl. So what happened?

Ene's Scarf in Alpaca CloudWay back in July I started knitting Ene's Scarf from Scarf Styles. I had two skeins of Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in the autumn color. I love the look and feel of this yarn! This scarf is fun to knit but it's huge! I keep making mistakes and having to rip out rows at a time. Very frustrating. I'm beginning to think I'll never be able to move on to the next lace scarf. (I'm planning on knitting 6 to give at holiday time as gifts for the kids' teachers. I have one completed already.)

A in her brand new Tivoli TIn July I also started knitting a Tivoli T (from Grumperina) for A. I just finished it today. FO hot off the needles. I got the yarn at my LYS's Memorial Day Sale. The Tivoli is a really cute pattern. Since the pattern wasn't written for this gauge I improvised. In hindsight I should have knit a gauge swatch (something I normally do ad nauseam!) done the calculations and then carried the pattern with me! This top was a hit or miss project. I did a lot of ripping and reknitting and when all was said and done I probably knit the equivalent of two tops. Although I had great ideas in the beginning about not including the waist shaping but using cables to accent the waist instead I stayed true to the original pattern for the most part. I did add a few garter ridges to the neck, sleeve and hem edges because I prefer them to rolled or crochet edges. Here's a picture of A modeling her brand new top. She approves!

Silly A!

Here's another shot of A in her top proving that despite her height, poise, charm and wit she is still nine years old. Now, if I could only get her to brush her hair occasionally!

the modest beginnings of a sock What post would be complete without an update on Sockapal2za socks? I wanted to knit both socks simultaneously on two circular needles. I managed to get all the stitches cast on, on the second try. I could not, however, get the needles to stay untangled long enough to get through the first round of ribbing. When I have a little more time I'm going to explore that method of knitting socks. For now, I'm knitting my sock pal's socks one at a time on two circs. Here are the first exciting few rows of the first sock.

I'm glad babies are born small!On Sunday I am going to a baby shower for one of DH's relatives. I spent the better part of yesterday searching for pattern and yarn to knit up a quick sweater. After a couple of ill fated starts I finally landed on the combination of Accordion pattern with Plymouth Wildflower yarn (51% cotton, 49% acrylic) in Denim Blue accented with oddments of grey and bright red yarn. I'm in a big rush to get this knit up. It needs to be done by Sunday.

So although I started the day with four knitting projects. I finished one and one will be done (or scrapped!) by Sunday. Then I will be back to a more manageable (for me) number of projects.


Anonymous said...

Lil' Tivoli looks great! I'm glad your daughter approves :).

Jan said...

Don't worry about the lack of hair brushing. She'll turn 13 and brush her hair so much you'll think it's going to fall out, haha.

I don't like having more than one or two projects either, I'll be glad when I manage to get back down to one. All of yours look interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the scarf is lovely! Love that orangey-autumn colorway. I too try to keep the WIPs to a low roar, but it's just too much of a temptation to start new projects! So much fun stuff, so little time...*sigh*

Glad to see your little one likes her mama's knitting! Cute sweater/even cuter kid.

Happy knitting!

Jenn said...

I have the yarn too for that scarf. It's the knit icks shimmer in morning mist. I haven't yrt cast on because I am a bit intimidated..... not sure if I can do it.

YOur dd's tee is really cute, and so is she :-)

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is a sweetie and I like that T. I started mine on vacation and found it way too big but I haven't had the heart to rip yet. I also love the color of that shawl/scarf, it looks super.