Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Goodbye Socksapal2za

Sockapal2za is really over. I sent my socks off in the mail yesterday. Since I was late I sent them by express mail. The lady at the post office said they should arrive at their destination today. (ETA: the socks were mailed Monday and they should have arrived Tues.) I ran around like crazy trying to get post cards that reflect my location. I hit the two major museums in town. I think I did okay. I don't have pictures of the post cards but I do have pictures of the socks. I don't want to give too much explaination just in case they haven't arrived yet. Here are the socks.
This next shot shows the front of the socks:
Here is a close up of the little dohickies on the front. Do you think you know what they represent? Click for a larger picture if you need to.


Diane said...

Not sure I know what the green designs are--do they represent a state? Maybe Michigan split in two?? LOL! I love the colors of those socks. The ones you received are wild!

Jan said...

Those are beautiful. Your sock pal is going to love those!

Anonymous said...

They turned out GREAT!! I'm not going to post my "guess" here regarding what the do-hickeys are because I'm in "the know"........and I don't want to spoil it. I just wanted to tell you how nice I thought they turned out.

Anonymous said...

New Hampshire and New Jersey came to mind at first. Am I close? That would be great for me as I was born in one of them and live in the other. And someone around me has some other story because their license plate (the only way I know them at all) is NJ TO NH. The story of my life.

Anonymous said...

I immediately thought "nice the colors!" Then on to the mystery. Delta State? Delta peanut? Wisconsin? Michigan? Tristate area? ummm... I give up, I'm never good at these games :) But I really like the socks.