Monday, March 27, 2006

Braids progress

Back in September I posted a list of projects that I was contemplating doing. Normally, I don't stick to my knitting lists and just knit whatever strikes my fancy at the time. I am very surprised at how many of the things on the list I've actuall started. I even finished some of them.

One of the things on the list that I've been working on is the Braids Cardigan for me. Here are front and back shots of my Braids in progress.

Braids front Braids back
This is a great pattern and I am really enjoying knitting it. I love the way the pattern looks, I love the yarn and the color. I hope to finish it before the heat of summer hits. I'd like to finish it and put it away so it will be all ready for me to wear in the fall. If I don't finish it before it gets too warm I'll have to put it aside and finish it when it gets cooler.


Jan said...

It's really beautiful Lou. I have been working on a cabled sweater for my MIL, it's been set aside for a little while. It takes so much concentration I had to take a break. Your's looks great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your cardigan is gettin along so fine, it already looks amazing - looking forward to seeing the pics when you've finished it!
Have fun knitting it, and best wishes from Austria!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful knitting--you'll love wearing that when fall comes!