Monday, March 20, 2006

Contest Wrapup

Can you guess what these are?

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Ok, I'll tell you. They are prizes! Each of the three people who entered my contest is getting a prize. Congratulations winners! And thanks for helping me destash. This is what the prizes are...

(Left) 2 50 gram skeins of Trekking XXL. At one time, I thought it might be nice to use the yarn as home decor and removed the labels. Of course they are nowhere to be found now. Although I don't remember the color name I do know that it's Trekking XXL yarn. Also included in this prize is one 100 gram skein of cotton/elastic sock yarn (approximately sport weight) that I dyed myself!

(Center) 4 100 gram skeins of wine/burgundy/maroon/choose your favorite name for dark red Galway wool yarn. Included with the wool yarn are two balls of Eros in dark red/green/pinkish.

(Right) 1 100 gram skein of cotton/elastic sock yarn that I dyed myself in pink/purple/orange. Also included is an undetermined weight but at least 8 oz (I think) of a wool blend spinning fiber. Carded into the blue and black wool (of unknow breed) are silk noils. If my memory serves me right the name of this blend is "Starry Night" or something like that.

I will be depositing the packages at the post office tomorrow. I hope the winners are happy with their loot!

Special note to my Sockapaltwoza pal... I'll be bringing this to the post office tomorrow as well!
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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lou! The yarn arrived in fine shape. I made a pair of Bike Helmet Ear Warmers out of your fabulous hand-dyed. It's a perfect accessory for right now and a fitting companion to those incredible socks.

Have you ever considered opening an etsy shop? The hand-dyed is wonderful!