Wednesday, July 12, 2006

FO (sort of) and Stringy Goodness


J's socks are finished, done, kaput. Here's what they looked like two days ago. Here's what they look like now...
They're done alright. Just not completed. I finally got J to try them on and they are way too tight. He couldn't get them on. K tried them on and they would have been okay if I ripped back an inch or so of the foot but she has very sensative skin and only wears ankle socks. So I ripped and re-wound them. I'll try again someday.

The String's the Thing

I needed some instant gratification so I started the string bag. I got the yarn and pattern on the yarn crawl to the Mannings a couple of weeks ago. I'm zipping right along on this bag. I might even finish tonight. It takes two balls of Tahki Cotton Classic. I had to join the two balls together part way through. I have always found it difficult to join a new ball of yarn when knitting lace. The join is always very visible and the ends always work their way out. For this bag i decided to sew the ends of the yarn together. I didn't do a great job of stitching the ends and I didn't have the right color thread. Even so, I think the join is acceptable. (This is just a string bag, after all.) Here is how the ends are joined together.

Here's a look at the join knitted into the bag. It's definitely visible but not terribly obvious. If I had thread to match the color the join would be almost invisible. Here is a close up of the join. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I think it looks great! You're being too hard on yourself--no one is going to analyze your bag close enough to see the's not like it's on the front of a sweater......
Thanks for sharing!