Monday, July 24, 2006

Knitting, buying and swimming

M's Summer BraidsSo, I really have been knitting. I started a Summer Braids for my sister shortly after I ripped out J's socks. I'm using a discontinued yarn called Time from Adriafil. It's a cotton/rayon tubular ribbon yarn, DK weight. It's soft and silky to work with and has great drape. I made A a short sleeve bolero type sweater out of it a year or so ago.

I'm knitting this sweater for my sister in exchange for her quilting talents. Many years ago I took an introductory quilting class. I learned all about different ways to piece a quilt. The project for the class was a sampler quilt of nine 12" squares. I got all the squares pieced, the quilt top assembled with sashing and filler triangles. I even got the layers basted with safety pins and the quilting lines stenciled on the top. I just didn't like doing the actual quilting. So I talked my sister into doing it for me. She enjoys it and she's really good at it.

Here is a close up of the sweater. Can you see the cute stitch markers that I'm using. They were a gift from Kimberly. Go see what she's up to. All three of my kids have seperately asked me what the cute little food things are for. I have explained to each of them that they are to help me know when to change the stitch pattern so I make fewer mistakes. I really like the way they dangle off my needle too. They're so cute. I've never used fancy stitch markers before.

I went to the TKGA and CGA convention last weekend. I seem to be in stash acquisition mode lately. I bought more stuff. This is some beautiful tencel lace weight yarn. It's 1000 yards. I also found some beads that match. I don't yet know what I'm going to make of this but I like it just the same.

Ah! Luxury. This is 500 yards of pure softness. Red Cashmere. Does it get any better than that? I think this will be a lace stole. I have a Fiber Trends pattern that I think will work. When I will get to this I have no idea.

I woke up early the other day. I couldn't sleep so I sat down to read my email. I got a message from the nice folks at Knitpicks that they were having a sale. They have their Main Line yarn (cotton/wool blend) on sale. I had to have it. I bought enoughof the color "Red Velvet Cake" to make a sweater for DH. He's gone neglected for too long. I can't wait for it to get here.

We just finished our swim team season. This was A's second year on the local team and J's first. They had lots of fun with their team and they did great with their individual swimming. The team ended up tied for second place in the league. Here are some pictures from the last meet.

J diving in for one of his racesA getting ready to race
A's Fanny shorts
I think, perhaps, this last photo needs a little explanation. The name of the pool complex we join is Fanny Chapman Memorial Swimming Pool and A and J swim on the Fanny Chapman Swim Team. There is a swim team logo on the front hem of the left leg.

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Anonymous said...

Love that sweater! I'm also glad you like the stitch markers. My kids love when I think up new designs and they have to tell me what they think they are.
I like the fanny. ;)