Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Template, Braids, To Go, Sleep Over


I've been working on my blog template lately. For the amount of time I've devoted to it there are precious few changes. I added lists on my sidebar for projects that I'm currently working and projects that I'm dreaming about while I knit the current projects.

Most of my trouble with my template comes from knowing just enough HTML to be dangerous but not enough to actual figure out how to do the things I want to do. For example, I'd like to:

  • make my blog have three columns instead of two
  • change the color scheme
  • change the blog banner
  • include project pages that I can link to my sidebar lists
  • include expandable summaries for longer posts
  • group posts by categories

I'm sure I've made a complete mess of my template. I know what I've done but I'm sure that someone who knows how to use HTML and style sheets would cringe at my lack of adherence to common practices. If you know how to do any or all of this would you please consider sharing your wisdom?

Summer Braids

Summer Braids in progress
I'm still working on the Summer Braids Cardigan for my sister. I'm very close to completing the 13" I need for the body before splitting for the arm holes. Woo Hoo! I smell progress!

I'm about at the point where I start to panic about buttons. I could go with plain white and keep it a simple, versatile sweater or I could go with something fancier. Or I could just ask my sister what she prefers. M, if you read this feel free to leave a comment with your preference!

I also took a picture of my new stitch markers but the picture was too blurry. I'll try again later. I was so enamored with the dangley stitch markers that Kimberly gave me that I bought some more. I never appreciated the appeal of these stitch markers until I started using them. They feel like jewelry for my knitting! I don't wear much jewelry on my person but I'm thoroughly enjoying it on my knitting. I got my markers from Yarngirl's Etsy shop. I got them almost immediately after ordering them. Can't ask for better than that.

"To Go" Knitting

Silk Socks Cuff I started a new project for my "on the go" knitting. Sometimes I'll just work on one project at a time, taking it with me when I'm out and about but the white braids just doesn't make for practical portable knitting. I started the Regia Silk socks I'm making for DH. His birthday is in early autumn so I have a deadline. I'm almost done with the 1x1 ribbing for the cuff. If I had given it a little more thought before I started I would have done a 2x2 ribbing because there is a lot of 2x2 in the leg pattern. I charted out this little pattern (chart shows half of the leg) which incorporates a tree motif that I got from one of my Gansey books, some ribs and crossed stitches. The trees will travel down the leg at the sides. I'm still debating whether to continue the foot with the ribbing pattern or just do a plain stockinette foot.

"Almost" Sleep Over

My kids invited our neighbors to an "almost" sleep over last night. They watched movies, played music and danced around the family room with the disco ball shining. They also indulged in some special treats, one of which included thisMmm crispyand thisMmmm chocolateand thisMmmm toasty
Mmmmm S'Mores!!!!

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The socks look as if they'll be great!