Monday, September 11, 2006

In Memory

James Maounis
I never met James Maounis. I wish I had. James, or Jimmy to his friends, worked on the 90th floor at 2 World Trade Center. He worked for Fiduciary Trust. He was 42. He is survived by his mother, brother and sister. But these are mere statistics and don't capture the nature of James Maounis.

James Maounis was a loyal friend and family member. He grew up in Brooklyn and was part of a tightly knit group of friends. James' sparkling blue eyes might capture your attention but it was his personality that would make you smile. He was quick to offer a compliment or to crack a joke to get a laugh. He was devoted to his family. He is missed by a great many people. If you knew James and would like to share a story or tell us what he was like please leave a comment and I will add it to the body of this post.


Diane said...

What a beautiful tribute. Thanks for introducing this project to me. I have enjoyed participating in it--it has been cathartic for me.

Anonymous said...

I did know James Maounis personally, I think of him very offend. I can't seem to forget the love he had for his family and his positive attitude of himself. I truly miss him, I could not believe he was one of the 911 victims. Jimmy loved his family so much and they loved him just as much. One thing I can say, on a personal level, he was a very lucky man to have such a great family and friends that loved him. Always in my thoughts, Debbie C