Monday, January 29, 2007

Projects - Old and New

I spent a lot of time a couple of weeks ago trying to change the look of my blog. I was happy with the changes that I made but I knew that I was going to start from scratch and build my own template. It was going to be an HTML learning exercise for me. Well, I got feedback that my changes were unreadable. The text blended in with the background. So I changed everything back to it's original blogger template. Hopefully it's readable now. Please let me know if you have any trouble reading it.

I finished DH's birthday present. Finally. I was only three months late with them. Here is the photographic proof that they are complete:J Socks complete!Of course the picture shows no detail. I'll have to take new photos with real live daylight. The flash just didn't cut it.

So with that project out of the way and a Superbowl sale going on at LYS what do you think I did? I started a new project. The first truly bitter cold day of this winter showed me that DH and I are both lacking warm neckwear. I bought four balls of Karabella Aurora 8 yarn in a warm brown color and started a scarf for DH. I have four balls of Rowen Felted Tweed in a loverly green that was GIVEN to me (not gifted!) by one of my neighborhood knitting buddies. My scarf will probably be knit in moss stitch as the yarn has such beautiful flecks and colors. DH's scarf took some consideration. I studied my Walker books and sampled several patterns before I decided to try something that has fascinated me for a while. I wanted to explore reversible cables. I charted out a simple cable and traveling stitch pattern for the front and made the back REALLY simple by just twisting the pairs of knit stitches. Here is what the front looks like:Front of DH scarf - click for details
Here is the back:Scarf back - click

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