Thursday, January 03, 2008

Current Knitting status

Summer Braids in progress I've been working on the Cabin Fever Summer Braids cardigan again. I had half a sleeve done when I realized that I was using the wrong size needle and had to rip it out. I'm not quite back to where I was but I'm making progress. 1.75 sleeves left to go. Then end weaving, blocking and button sewing (I already have the buttons!) and then I'm done. I'm making this for my sister in return for her handwork quilting a sampler quilt I put together as part of a class many years ago. She finished the quilt and gave it to me at our Christmas gathering. Now I have some pressure to get the sweater done. I need pressure. I thrive under pressure! I'll have this sweater done by next week.

Fair Isle gloves - too tight!Fair Isle glove before ripping
Some time before Christmas or perhaps it was even before Thanksgiving, I started knitting myself a pair of gloves. I bought a bunch of different colors of Knitpicks Pallette yarn. This is not the pair of gloves that I planned on making over a year ago but it turns out that the colors are very similar! I'm consistant at least. I charted out a pattern and started knitting. Things seemed to be going well until I tried to knit a finger. I ripped the finger back three times because I couldn't get the tension right. I finally decided that the tension in the hand of the glove is too tight. I'm going to rip back to the cuff and knit the hand again with a larger needle. Then (hopefully!) the fingers will be easier to knit. If not I'll have to change the design slightly. I have columns of solid background. If I can't get the tension right I'll have to change the pattern. These goves are on a back burner now. I won't even get to rip them for a while.

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Anmiryam said...

The gloves are beautiful!

Happy 2008 -- here's to a year of good knits and good living.