Saturday, April 02, 2005

Fiber Festival

I went to the market at the Fiber Arts Festival in King of Prussia yesterday. I had a great time. I met Lisa in person. We met via email. I also met up and shopped with my neighbor, Carole. I was very happy to run into some long lost friends Judy, Sandy and Judy. I haven't seen these ladies in over a year (could it really have been almost 2 years?!?!) It was great to see you again! I've missed you!

I haven't been to a knitting festival in about 1 1/2 years! It's been tough. Last year (2004) I made a resolution that I would buy no new yarn. My stash is taking over the house and I needed to start downsizing. In order to keep this resolution I avoided temptation by not going to festivals and conventions. I missed both of my favorites, Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and Stitches.

Yesterday, I did buy some things but things that I really like!

I passed by the Hand Jive booth and saw a beautiful poncho. Now, both of my daughters have ponchos. They each also have a capelet (which to me practically is a poncho.) I just never thought I would wear a poncho. I will be wearing a poncho. Hopefully some time this spring, too! The pattern is beautiful and the Hand Jive fingering yarn is so soft and touchable. I chose a blue/purple color. The stitch pattern is beautiful and looks interesting to knit, the wool is light weight, and I think this is something that I can (hopefully) knit up quickly for me, me, me! Since the Swing Coat is now in limbo due to my own errors I'm itching to cast on for my poncho. Tonight!

I got a couple of other things that I like too. K was with me and at 3 years old she is already an accomplished enabler. Not that I need much enabling! She walked right up to one booth, picked up a ball of purple, frilly, novelty yarn and asked me to get it for her. She was so cute about it that I had to oblige. Didn't I? I also got a ball of that yarn in a green color because my friend was getting yarn from my stash to make a felted tote and chose some green Galway. I didn't have any green novelty for the top edge so she changed her mind and went for another color. So now I have some green novelty in my stash just in case someone, somewhere, sometime wants to make a green felted tote. I think I have a problem.

I found some lovely green sock yarn at a bargain price. Maybe this will be for me or maybe it'll work out for the next Sockapolooza!

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Anonymous said...

It was great to see you too at Valley Forge. Your daughter is adorable! I'm enjoying your blog. Glad you're doing a little stash enhancement this year. The poncho pattern looks like fun. How did I miss that one?