Monday, April 11, 2005

Knitting Progress

As you can see I've made some progress on the Criss Cross poncho from Hand Jive. I love knitting this project. It is just enough garter stitch to be able to knit while watching TV but just interesting enough to not be mind numbingly boring. I am also looking forward to wearing this little number. I could have used it this morning while walking J to the bus stop. Usually A and J walk down together without me. A is home sick today so I went with J while A stayed with K. It was just cool enough that I would have liked to have been able to throw my nice, lacey, wool poncho on over my sleeveless top.

I just ordered two more skeins that I think I will need to finish this. I'm going to make it a little bit longer than the pattern calls for. I'm a large person and think a little extra length would look more proportionate.

My hands are still turning blue when I knit on it but the blue isn't staining me. It washes right off. I have no experience with natural dyes but I think that it just means there is extra, inactive dye left in the fiber. I'm still very curious to see what happens when I wash this puppy.

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