Friday, June 10, 2005

Heart Flower Progress

Go ahead and click, I know you want to It seems like it was days ago that I promised to post pictures of K's heart flower sweater. It's coming along. Here's the back of the sweater. I haven't finished knitting all the pieces but that didn't stop me from starting the duplicate stitch. I really wanted to see how the flowers would look in real life (as opposed to in a chart.) I'm very happy with the way it's coming out.

I am currently working on the second front piece. I have the left front done. I had to knit both front pieces two or three times. The first reknit was because I goofed on my neck shaping calculation and didn't account for the neck band. I feel really stupid about that mistake. Then I had to rip and reknit again (only one front this time at least) because my gauge was so uneven. I must have put my knitting down and picked it back up when I was tense because there was a distinct line where my knitting suddenly became much tighter. I'm back on track now and expect to have the right front done and the sleeves started this weekend. I don't realistically expect K to wear this sweater until the fall but I want to get it finished before I start working on A's Soy Silk Tivoli T. Grumperina just published the pattern in multiple sizes.

Last night's stitch group went off without a hitch. Yesterday, Diana commented that fellow knitters would understand that knitting and blogging are a higher priority than house cleaning. She's right. My stitch group is wonderful and they don't hold my clutter and dust bunnies against me.

I had my camera set out and ready to take pictures last night but I got caught up in the festivities and didn't even turn it on. I got to see Donn'a scrapbook from her trip to Italy. The cropping was as beautiful as the pictures! Debbie also brought a scrapbook that she put together for her oldest offspring. I can't call him a child because he just finished his first year of college. Her book was a tribute to his years at home (before leaving for college.) The creativity of the women in my group never ceases to amaze me.

I know I'm small but if you click me I'll grow This is the book I am reading. It's the current selection for the book club I'm in. I'm only on page 9 but it's promising to be a good read. I just need to get used to the authors writing style. That should come in another couple of pages. I don't know if it's because she's British or if it's just that her style is different than the last book I read.

The real purpose of this picture is to point out the bookmark. See it? Look right there at the bottom.

Go on, click away.  I don't mind. Debbie is also a beader. She made bookmarks for each of the Ridge Stitchers. See the charm at the very bottom? It's a ball of yarn and knitting needles! I love this.

Sorry, these kids are taken but you can still clickWe had watermelon for dessert with dinner the other night. In a brilliant moment of clarity we sent the kids outside on the deck to eat because they wanted to eat off the rind. If you look closely you may see half of the watermelon juice on their clothes. Does watermelon stain?

You know the drill - click
I didn't realize that if you combine a warm evening, three children and a few slices of watermelon, silliness will break out! Here is the photographic evidence!

I love these guys.



kiwik said...

Glad to find a nice blog like yours! Cute photos! Wish I could knit...I may need it when I become a mom(someday!),it must be so nice that kids enjoy their mom's home made things like the ones you make...❤ :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sweater is looking amazing! I don't blame you for trying out the duplicate stitching before finishing all the pieces - I'd, too, want to see what it looks like, and if any adjustments needed to be made immediately.

I hope the smallest Tivoli size works for your daughter, I think it might. Hopefully it will be simple enough to make with the soy silk!