Thursday, June 09, 2005

Stitch Group Tonight!

Champion Procrastinator

Tonight I am hosting my stitching group. We take turns hosting. Having very strong hermit tendancies can make hosting very stressful for me. That and the fact that I actually have to CLEAN my house (or at least the part that I'm going to let my guests see.) With all this work to do what am I actually doing? BLOGGING! What better way to procrastinate. I don't even have any new pictures for you.

So many people that signed up for the raffle have commented on the purpleness of the yarn. I have to tell you that the yarn really only looks that purple outside, at dusk, on a shrub. In regular light it looks more like this (the two skeins on the right.) The beads coordinate beautifully with the yarn. I got light purple "rainbow" beads and they highlight all the fiber colors in the yarn. I think it will be lovely! I can't wait to see if I'm right.

I got a little work done on K's heart flower sweater yesterday when I took the kids to swim at the pool. I had to order more purple Shine because I won't have enough to knit the sleeves. I love the way it's coming out. I'll post pictures tomorrow after I have recovered from hosting tonight.

Okay, back to cleaning the kitchen. The floor has to be mopped every once in a while.


Jenn said...

I too should be mopping the floor but am at the computer. I only have a small window where my 2 year old is in bed...and it's the perfect time for cleaning...and blogging :-)

Anonymous said...

All knitters know knitting and blogging are priorities, so they won't care about the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of your house. If we could knit dust bunnies, we wouldn't have to buy yarn!