Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Patten Error

****There's still time to enter the RAFFLE!!****

Added later: The pattern has been corrected. Thanks again to Grumperina for converting the file for me.

Aw shucks! I goofed on the pattern for the lace wrap. Melanie S. pointed it out to me. Thanks for straightening me out. I'm going to upload a corrected file as soon as I can. Until then, please note that Row 1 in the Instructions section should read:

Row 1: *K1, slide a bead up close to the right needle. Repeat from * 3 more times. K1. Work Row 1 of
chart A once, Row 1 of chart B 3 times and row 1 of chart C once. *K1, slide a
bead up close to the right needle. Repeat from * 3 more times, K1

Notice that both 4's in the instruction should be 3's.

I'll post later with an update on the heart flower sweater I'm knitting for K. I love the way it's coming out!


Anonymous said...

Lou, I'm on my way to work (should've mentioned I start at 12:30 today), you'll have it in a jiffy :).

coccinelle said...

hey, you think that pattern would still be fab without the beading? it is just what i've been looking for to wear with the semi formal dress i wear to weddings. but i think beads might be too flashy with my dress. your opinion matters as your fine taste has been demonstrated by your creation of this fabulous design. a new fan, corine

Lou Schiela said...

Hey Corine,

Without the beads I think it would look different but the same. I was thinking about making another one without the beads just because I liked knitting it - not because I need another wrap. The beads add sparkle to the wrap. Without the beads I think it would have a more subtle elegance. The beads also add a little weight to the edges. Without the beads the wrap would look a little more gossamer. It would probably knit up faster without the beads too. I found that the beads slowed me down a bit. Gromit, who inspired the creation of this wrap, warned me that would happen so apparently it's not just me.

coccinelle said...

ty for getting back. it's done, i just ordered the yarn from knit picks. i'll be happy to share the results with you, alas it's in the color you already used. it'll give a chance to see w/out beads though. i may just do a few beads on the ends for a little weight. will see...

andrewljohnson said...

Your b log is an eyesore.


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