Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer Knitting Line Up

My Cutie Pie

My Cutie Pie!

Memorial Day Sale

I got to the Memorial Day Sale at my LYS. I had a great time browsing their stuff. I don't go there very often because I have so much yarn at home but I got to get some yarn that I hadn't used before. I also had a gift certificate that one of my friends gave me for my birthday!

Purple and Pink, Pink and Purple!Mmm! Soy Silk. I've been drooling over this yarn since I first saw it months ago. I love the way it feels. I also love that it's made from the byproduct of tofu production. I don't particularly care for tofu but I love the economy of a yarn made from the waste of food production. Ultimately, this yarn will become this top for A (my cutie pie!)

Maybe I'll actually finish this for myself!This yarn is for me. I got 8 balls but I've only pictured 6. (Do you know how to make a pyramid with 8 things?) I'm going to use it to knit this top. The top has a hood which I want to omit but I want to keep the shawl collar looking part. If you have any ideas on how to accomplish this please let me know!


Anonymous said...

You purchases are wonderful. Soy silk, I love it! You are master knitter, but of course let me know if you need any help with the Tivoli. I'm not sure how big your daughter is, but I'll be publishing a smaller sized Tivoli (mini!) very soon :). I also love your idea for the Lattice Wrap contest! I can't enter because I have way too much knitting to do right now, and also I will also alter the pattern a bit when I make it (and I WILL make it), so it's only fair I sit this one out :) :).

P.S. Alterations for my Lattice Wrap will be very innocent, don't worry, I'm keeping your beautiful pattern: just a bit smaller, and fewer beads on the borders :).

Lou Schiela said...

Hey Grumperina,

Thanks for your offer to help with the Tivoli. A is nine but she's on the big side for her age. I'm going to have to pin her down when she gets home from swim team practice to take new measurements. I think the last time I measured her chest she was about 32".

Feel free to alter the lattice wrap pattern any way you want. I'm flattered that your interested in the pattern. If I were to make it again (and I just might when I finish knitting up my Memorial Day purchases) I will make it a little wider. I might opt for a slightly shorter length but I'm not sure. I just love that yarn!