Monday, September 12, 2005

Renaissance Fun

This is my second attempt at posting today. My first attempt was eaten by blogger when I tried to post it.

I host my stitching group this Thursday. That means I have to clean my house. I should be doing that now but I'm procrastinating. I hate cleaning. There are few things I wouldn't do instead of cleaning!

My three kids spent the last full week in August at their grandparents' house. DH and I drove up to pick them up and all of us spent the day at the Renaissance Faire in NY. Here is what the kids looked like when we were leaving the grandparents' house:

K (on the left) is wearing a princess dress Halloween costume I made a few years ago for A. A (in the middle) is wearing a costume we bought for her last year at the PA Renaissance festival (note the hair net she's wearing!) J (on the right) is wearing a hat from an old Halloween costume and REAL CHAINMAIL!!! DH's brother made a full set for himself when he was 16. He spent most of the night before our frolic modifying and refitting part of the suit to fit J. I was very impressed with J for wearing it the whole day at the Faire. The part that he is wearing weighs about 25 lbs!!!

Although A begged and pleaded with me to find the hair net before driving up to get them she didn't wear it for very long. We weren't in the Faire grounds 10 minutes before she saw

You don't recognize her? Well, that's okay I wouldn't recognize her out of context either. In fact, I still don't know her name. She is a hair weaver. She worked on A's hair and did this amazing thing:
A selected the design which is a braided crown with a bun. I talked her into getting the "ropes" which are the little swags that hang below the bun. I think it is amazing that anyone can do this with hair. I couldn't do it in a million years. This woman accomplished this do in about 15 minutes! She even put in mini roses and glitter. Before we left the woman gave us instructions on how to keep the hair do for a couple of days. She said that if we took care of it (basically, coat it with hairspray in the morning and at night before bed) A would be able to wear it for 3-4 days. We decided that we were going to do whatever we could to keep it looking good so she could wear it for the first day of school. She did:

She couldn't wait to take it out after school was over. I don't blame her. It was stiff as a board with hairspray. The braid left her hair very curly. I have to admit that I thought it looked beautiful when the braid came down. I almost tried to talk her into getting a perm.

I guess I could procrastinate a little longer by knitting a couple of rows on my Sockapal2za socks. I've got 1.5 socks done and I'm heading down the home stretch to be able to mail them on Thursday. I don't see any trouble making the deadline. I hope my sock pal likes them. I'll post pictures of the socks next time.


Diane said...

Her hair is gorgeous! Both with those amazing braids and without. I have never seen anyone braid hair like that--very cool. I am thinking about going to the PA Ren Faire in October--did you enjoy it last year?

Anonymous said...

I just loved their costumes-what fun! Her hair looked great, and you're right it does look so pretty all curly.

Jan said...

What a beautiful hair do! It is really curly, I bet she loved it. The socks are cool too!