Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh no! I feel another project coming on!

The list mom of the KnitAlong list on Yahoo contacted me and told me that their group was going to be knitting the Lattice Lace Wrap as a KnitAlong project. She asked if I would be interested in joining. Of course I would!

So I'm getting ready to knit another one. I'm going to be using this yarn (in beige) from Elann and either these copper or these gold beads.

I have a friend, Mary Jane , whose mom, Jane, knit the wrap in the same color that I used for my first one. Jane did a better job knitting the wrap than I did. I'm going to drop down a size or two for my needles this time around to see if I can't make it look a little neater.

I'm thinking about making it a little bigger this time. I used 5 pattern repeats the first time. I might try 6 or 7 this time to make it wider. I don't yet know how long I'll make it. I figure I'll know when I get there.

The official start date for the KnitAlong is April 1... no fooling! I can't wait.

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traveling knitter said...

I can not wait to see the finished lace shawl!!! I'm THRILLED that you decided to join us!!!