Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Passing it On

Each winter my kids' school runs the Explorer's Club. Parent's volunteer to come in for one hour a week after school and lead an activity. The activities can be anything the parents want to do. My kids have enjoyed chess, floor hockey, popsicle stick art, a "how it works" science experiment class and rubber stamping. Other offerings are legos, arts & crafts, cheerleading, drama, and running. This year one of the moms signed up to teach knitting. 15 girls in grades 1 through 3 signed up. I volunteered to help out. We had our first session yesterday. It was difficult, a bit chaotic at times and definitely stressful but it was also very rewarding.

The first lesson was the knit stitch. The teacher and I decided that we would cast on for them and teach them the knit stitch. We will teach them to cast one at a later session. I ended up only helping six of the girls. I think some of them went home without having been taught anything. I just hope they all come back to give us another chance.

Before the class I knit up a few project samples for the girls to look at. They get to choose which of these they would like to knit as their first project.

A purse, a beanbag, a hacky sack

1 garter stitch rectangle folded and sewn- click to enlarge2 garter squares - click to enlarge2 garter squares sewn offset - click to enlarge

Here is K modeling a hairbow and the purse.
I know the flash is bright but try to keep your eyes open - click to enlarge
2 garter rectangles - click to enlarge
K takes her modelling job very seriously! click to enlarge

All of the projects are made out of garter stitch rectangles. I also knit a headband that A claimed as hers. She was wearing it at school yesterday so I didn't get pictures. I'll try to get one this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

That's such a NEAT idea!! I'm sure the girls will love learning how to knit.......

Glad to see you're back up and blogging. K sure is growing up!!

FYI: Our knitting group in Q-town is moving to the 3rd Tuesday of every month---hope you can make it.....next one is the 16th..... Take care!!!

Theresa said...

Very creative and I'm glad to see the kids get to do this!