Sunday, June 03, 2007

Easter Finery

J's vest click to enlargeEaster Bonnets click to enlarge
A, J & K in the prayer gardenEaster bunny wannabes

I'm trying to keep a record of my finished projects on my blog. Here is what I finished for Easter. A decided well in advance of Easter that she wanted to crochet a hat for herself. She picked out a pattern and I bought her the yarn specified. As we got closer and closer to Easter she decided that although she wanted to wear the cap, she didn't want to crochet it. I made it for her. It was quick and easy and A gave me plenty of time to make it. I had so much time that I picked some yarn out of my stash to make a cap for K too. They both liked their Easter "bonnets". On Tuesday before Easter, J decided he was going to need a vest. Being the totally impractical, egotistical, "no challenge is to great for me" kind of knitter that I am, I cast on. I figured that without sleeves it would be a quick knit. Since it was mostly stockinette it did go quickly. J did get to wear it on Easter. Bless his heart, he wore it the whole day even though it was too short for him. He won't be able to wear it again but he wore it the WHOLE day.

I'll have to find my notes about the vest to post the specifics. I barely remember making it now. I know what yarn I used but I don't remember what needles I used. I'm sure I knit it in the round to save the time of seaming it but I don't remember actually knitting it.

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