Monday, July 23, 2007

Sweetheart Capelet

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Summer attireMy 6 yo, K, is an old soul with a romantic streak about a mile wide. Every summer she loves to wear her tank tops, spaghetti straps and tube tops. This attire is fine for warm, sunny, summer weather but that glisten she develops in the hot weather isn't so nice when we step into a restaurant, movie theater or even the grocery store. When she goes inside K can get down right chilly. I've knit summer shrugs for A before and K has mostly inherited these as hand-me-downs but this year K wanted her own and she didn't want sleeves. She loves draping a sweater over her shoulders without putting her arms through the sleeves. What this girl needed was a CAPELET! So, without further ado or preamble I present to you K in her new Sweetheart Capelet.

Mmm, toasty back view
Features: Her capelet covers her shoulders and upper arms to keep her toasty warm. K is a real girly girl so only pink would do. The capelet has a little, allover lace flower pattern and a lace Sweetheart Border at the bottom. Attached I-cord finishes the front and neck edges.

K didn't want to have a fastener on her capelet (I think she really wanted a shawl) but I know that there will be times when she'll need that little bit of stability that a fastener can provide. Our compromise is this closure. As I knit on the I-cord edging I knit a little trefoil at each corner. K can slip one trefoil through the center loop of the other trefoil and it will keep the capelet closed without any additional weight or bulk.detail: capelet closure When she wants to wear it unfastened the trefoils act as decorative accents. (Note to self: get a photo of the capelet open.)

Here's a close up shot of the back which shows the allover lace flowers and the Sweetheart Border.
detail: allover lace and Sweetheart border


Anonymous said...

Very sweet cape and neat idea for fastening it! She looks really pleased with it, too.

modgma said...

I love this capelet. Too bad there isn't a pattern for it!