Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sleeveless Top Project

So, I'm trying on a new style for my blog. What do you think? Do these colors make me look fat?

I'm feeling very discomforted lately. I usually work on only one project at a time. I have lots of WIPs but generally only one is active. Lately, I've been bouncing around among three different proejcts. And I'm about to add a fourth.

  • Periwinkle sleeveless top
  • Cathay & silk top
  • Project Linus squares
  • M's Summer Braids
I have so many ideas in my head and in my notebook. I fee so much pressure to get something done.

I started a class with a few friends of mine. We are each designing and knitting a sleeveless top. It's really amazing how different everyone's top is. Our little group has really demonstrated that different brains really work in different ways. We were to start our project by sketching out a rough idea of what we wanted to knit. Krista could absolutely not do this step. She looked in magazines and through her closet to find something to inspire her but nothing worked. Finally, she threw up her hands and said "I have to go to the yarn store." She found some yarn that she loved and the idea for the top came to her instantly. Michelle found a picture of a tunic vest that she liked in a fashion magazine and is using that as her inspiration. Tina drew out what she wanted and then started the search for the perfect yarn. I'm not sure if she's found it yet. MaryAnn had an idea, sketched it and then tweaked it after buying her yarn.

As for me, I'm still trying to work out an idea that I had last summer. I've had the yarn since then and have been swatching, swatching, swatching but have not yet worked out all the problems. Once I figure out the mitres, the darts, the princess seams and the FIT I'll be ready to go.

I'll get some pictures of my lame swatches tomorrow in the daylight.


Ina said...

Good luck with your top! It may be too much information, but Lynne Vogel's Fit Central may be helpful.

Anonymous said...

And here I was feeling all neglectful because I only have 2 projects on my needles currently, but Morning Glory is a jealous mistress, not wanting to share me with anyone else.

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how five people can come up with 15 different answers to the same question!
I like the new look of the blog - it's fresher and cleaner.