Saturday, August 04, 2007

Back on Track

I'm feeling a little better about my knitting today. A couple of days ago I was feeling like my knitting hobby was a burden. I just spent the last two days lost without direction or focus. I guess I have a "normal" project queue that includes some projects in the fantasy dreaming planning phase, some projects in the knitting phase (one of which I consider my "current" project) and I always have something smallish that I can grab and go. Lately, I've had many projects in the planning phase and none in the knitting phase. I was knitting a sweater for my sister that stalled months ago when I realized I knit too far without shaping the front neck. Last night, during a late night of catching up on laundry, I finally sat down and ripped back the 7 lousy little rows that have caused me to delay this project for so long. Here's what it looked like earlier today after ripping back but before I put the front nect stitches on hold.

During my knitting paralysis I almost ordered new yarn to make a jacket I've had swirling around in my brain. Getting the Braids UFO back on track inspired me to resolve another old UFO. I decided that although it's not the color I would have ordered if I had ordered new yarn I'm going to rip and reclaim the yarn from this long abandoned project to use for my jacket idea. I'll keep you posted on details about that.

I know I promised pictures of my little periwinkle swatches. I haven't worked on them much at all either. I'm no farther along in planning my sleeveless top than I was when I wrote my last post. Since then Michelle emailed the group to inform us that she's already knitted up to the bust and is ready for the next class.

I better go. I have a lot of catching up to do...


Jan said...

Lou, I htink we all go through times when we aren't happy with our knitting. I just came through one myself. After having to get a project finished up though, I am enthusiastic again. In fact, I have a pair of socks on the needles that I am knitting out of the yarn that I won from you in the mitten contest, remember? I need to blog about it before I leave for vacation. Can't wait to see your swatchers and your jacket idea.

Anonymous said...

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