Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dyeing for Socks

A few weeks ago some friends and I got together to experiment with the magic of dyeing. We had a glorious morning (and afternoon) of fibers, colors and many giggles.

(Click any photo for a bigger look)

Lorie, put your gloves on!Dyeing is messy but it sure is a lot of fun!
Pretty autumn colorsKrista's yarn looks so pretty. Just right for a warm pair of socks to put on the first cool, crisp day of autumn!
All done except for the knittingKrista's all done dyeing her yarn. Next up - SOCKS!
A bit masculine, maybe?Lorie's yarn looks a little dark. She thought it looked a bit too masculine. Fear not! The process isn't finished yet...
Beautiful heathery shadesLorie's yarn rinsed out to beautiful, heathery shades of green, blue and a hint of purple. It's really very pretty and not at all masculine now! That's my yarn on top. I'm not entirely happy with it. I like the colors but they're not in the proportions I would have liked.
Pink and purple.  What little girl wouldn't like that?Tina dyed two batches of yarn. She didn't dye sock yarn. She had worsted weight yarn that she wanted to use to make little shruggy, bolero, crop type sweaters for her two girls. Here's one of her yarns before being heat set and rinsed.
They turned out great!Tina loves both of her yarns (as well she should! They're gorgeous!) Her little helper likes them too! (But she'll like her sweater better.)

We all had so much fun with the process that we're planning another dyeing event for October. What are the chances that our yarn from this session will be all used up by then? I'm not sure but next time I'll tell you about how we got along today during our first sock lesson...

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