Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yarn Haul

My yarn acquasition habits tend to be a bit bulimic. I binge and purge. Most recently I binged. My sister has been bitten hard with the knitting bug and is cranking out projects right and left. She recently invited me to explore the many yarn stores in her area. I'm working very hard on setting aside my jealousy. She's got MANY lovely yarn stores within a 20 minute drive of her home. She's got many more within 45 minutes of her home. I don't.

So anyway... We got to tour four yarn stores one afternoon. I bought something(s) in every one. So, let the show and tell begin!

Store Number 1:
Down Cellar
yarn for swatchingA great little store with lots of yarn. There were four other ladies shopping and two shop workers while we were there and it was a little crowded when we were all trying to look at the same yarn at the same time but I would definitely go back there. They had a very pleasing variety of yarns and lots of knitted samples for inspiration. The yarn I bought there is for swatching.
Store Number 2:
Angelfire Studios
Euroflax Linen picture from WebsI don't have a picture of my purchase from Angelfire Studios. I already started swatching with it and can't show it to the world yet. The picture to the left is from the Webs website where you can see and purchase the very same Euroflax linen that I purchased at Angelfire Studios. The shop itself combines yarn and knitting supplies with pottery. A big bright location with plenty of space. Again, a loverly selection of yarns and many samples artfully displayed.
Store Number 3:
A Yarn for All Seasons
Louisa Harding JasmineMy favorite store of the afternoon. The shop is located back and down from the street so we drove right past it and had to turn around and come back. It was definitely worth looking for though. The store is packed with all sorts of great yarn. The shop spans the downstairs of what looks like was previously a home. Upon entering I found myself in what felt like a porch. Lots of shelves of yarn and lots of sale signs! The sales counter is in a front room which has a fireplace with a mantle. I didn't really look too carefully at the fireplace. I assume it is not a functioning fireplace. It certainly wasn't functioning while I was there (it was very hot out and the air conditioner in the "dining room" was struggling to keep up.) But the fireplace, armchair and oriental rugs on the floor made the place so comfortable and pleasant to shop in. They were having their summer sale when we went so I got lots of yarn for not a lot of money. This sparkley, purple yarn is for none other than K. It has her name written all over it. I owe her a project.
Classic Elite PremierI didn't have a choice but to buy this yarn. As soon as I touched it I knew it had to be mine. I got nine skeins. I don't know if that will be enough to make something for myself. If it's not some woman in my life (and there are lots of them) will have to endure a knitted gift from me.
Dale of Norway SvaleI have an idea for this yarn. I want a top with lace leaves and vines. I'll get right to work on that.

Store Number 4:
The Knitting Lab

This store is cute. We actually stopped there first but they weren't open yet so we went on and came back at the end of our forray. When I first heard the name of the store I thought about the science of knitting. Having an engineering background, I got all excited. It wasn't until we were in the shop for a while that I started noticing all the little statues and images of a black dog and realized that the "Lab" in the shop name had nothing to do with a laboratory but instead was short for Labrador!
I love this yarn. It's soft and comfy and I love the color. I don't care that it's probably discontinued. I'm still not sure what I'll make with this. Maybe I'll make another top with a cinch
I've heard so much about Malabrigo yarn. I saw this beautiful red color and figured I could find something to make out of this. It really is nice and soft. I'm normally not to keen on single ply yarns but I'll give this one a try and see if it will change my mind!

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theyarnwhisperer said...

OMG! Four yarn stores in one day?! For me that would be like my 10 year old overdosing on sugar...I'd be wound up and then crash hard!
You will love malabrigo. I love it and my boys love knitting with it as well.