Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mission Accomplished!

Mom-to-be with the sweater I went to the baby shower on Sunday. The Mom-to-be seemed surprised. At two weeks to go until her due date I was wondering if the shock would send her panting to the hospital. No such luck although later she admitted that she wouldn't have been sorry if it had. She's ready and raring to go have a baby! This is Mom-to-be with Grandmom-to-be in the foreground. Christine is holding up the little sweater I made for her baby. I knit a toddler size 1 because I want the baby to be able to wear it for longer than it took me to make it. I also gave a little (size 12 month) pair of jeans, a red long sleeve bodysuit with navy trim, a pair of red socks and a little denim and red baseball cap. Yes, they know that the baby is a boy!

the sweater poses for a shotHere is a closer shot of the sweater. After Christine opened the gift I had to run up and grab it for pictures before her helpers packed it back up. True to my nature as a champion procrastinator, I finished the sweater Sunday morning with no time to spare and didn't get any shots.

does the yellow make me look fat? So, with the baby sweater done and out of the way I was free to turn my attention to my sock pal's socks. I have been looking forward to knitting these socks. I had cast on the first cuff and knit a couple of rows right after I dyed the yarn. I took it with me to knit during the 2 hour car ride to the shower.

I loved the yarn after I finished dying it. I was going for bright autumn leaves with the variegated and a rich, bright olive green for the solid. The green turned out a little more pine colored that I intended but I think it works anyway. I like the variegated yarn except for the bright yellow. I wanted something a little more mustardy. When I look at the photo it doesn't look as shocking and the pattern is easy to see. In real life I have trouble seeing the fair isle pattern because the yellow is too distracting. I had dyed twice as much yarn as the pattern called for. I did this to be safe because I took no notes or records so this yarn in NOT repeatable. I am going to take the second (unused) skein of variegated and over-dye just the bright yellow. I have already re-skeined they yarn and I'll do the target dyeing this morning. I'll let you know how it turns out.

On Father's Day, last June, I ended up in the hospital with a high fever and redness rising up my left leg. I was diagnosed with cellulitis and took a ten day course of antibiotics. The infection cleared up and I have felt fine ever since. This morning I noticed more redness on my leg which is warm to the touch and looks very much like cellulitis. I'm going to the doctor later to see what he thinks. Has anyone had experience with cellulitis? Is it the kind of thing that recurrs often? My poor left leg. This is also the leg that was most affected by Lyme disease a few years ago.


Jan said...

Cute sweater, and beautiful socks. I love that green! It works really well with the varigated.

Sorry, I don't know anything about cellulitis, it sounds painful. I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment on how much I liked the sweater, and then I saw the sock you started...I thought I better scroll down and look at the rest of your pictures. Your work is lovely! I second the offer for prayer also; I hope you are well soon and it doesn't end up being a recurring problem.

Theresa said...

Lou, I loved seeing the sweater and your socks are going to be awesome! Please check out your leg ASAP! My stepdad is in the hospital right now with his second bout of cellulitis (first was last summer) and he was just diagnosed with diabetes. Sometimes this just happens but sometimes it is because something else is compromising your immune system (i.e. the Diabetes that had been undiagnosed for him...do you have lasting effects from your Lyme Disease?) I hope your leg is okay and you are in tip top shape soon! The hospital is a sucky place to get extra knitting time!

Diane said...

Your baby boy sweater is great--I really like that pattern. The sock and the yarn are amazing! I can't wait to see it finished.

Take care of your self--I hope whatever is on your leg is just a minor rash and not something more complicated.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed!! You knit that cute sweater so fast. Love it!
Please get checked about your leg, I hope everything is ok.

Francesca said...

Thanks for visiting my blog -- I have been peeking at yours for a little while, waiting to join the Philly Knitters webring, and I admire your work. That sweater really is the cat's pajamas. I'm knitting a loooooong overdue one for my godson with not quite enough wool so I am thinking that the chest stripe is definitely the way to go.

Enjoy your coffee!